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Payday Loans Gone Wild is here to shine the light on all of you frat guys, drunk hotties and crazy jocks. And not a spotlight, like the cops have.

Learn the secrets to making this year's trip extra special. Make the most of Payday Loans Gone Wild!

Payday Loans Gone Wild - Go Wild When You Learn The Secret To Unlimited Partying (& Cash)!

  1. At some point, you will determine that the laws you are accustomed to back home do not apply to you for the next seven days.
  2. One of your buddies will contract food poisoning, foolishly choosing to eat from a jar labeled simply "fish" at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.
  3. Feeling the effects of a long winter up in the Union (also known as the "North" or "Yankee country" or the "Blue States"), as well as 18 beers, another of your flesh-starved friends will shack up with a whale.
  4. No matter how much debauchery you are used to seeing on your college campus, it will be topped tenfold. Motel room doors will be torn from their hinges and used as surfboards in the Gulf of Mexico.
  5. You will require money to make the most of your week at the beach, and payday loans provide the quickest means of getting more of it. There is no faster source of money than a cash advance, nor is there any means of acquiring funds that requires fewer things of you and your buds. Which is key, since the collective intelligence level is microscopic.

On behalf of the entire Payday Loans Gone Wild staff, we welcome you to our website. Here we will teach you how to apply early and often for the cash loans that will make your Spring Break as Wild as humanly possible. All it takes is a few minutes of your time, as well as employment of any kind (read: Hardee's counts) for you to score a payday advance within 24 hours. And once you have a cash advance in tow, you may even be able to score in a different way.

With girls*!

* - Unlikely, but there is no harm in hoping.

Show off your wild side with the help of Payday Loans Gone Wild

Our trusted service covers the entire payday loan industry, but we specialize in loans designed strictly for Spring Breakers. There are great deals on cash advances that should not be overlooked! Don't miss this chance. We've been instructed by the head honcho here at Payday Loans Gone Wild, Ltd., to keep the content of this site PG-13, so we won't spell it out for you too graphically, but here's the deal - an integral part of your fun week in the sun is interacting with the opposite sex. Another given is everyone's propensity for behavior they would not normally exhibit.

You figure out where we are going with this. In order to coerce and peer pressure people into doing what you want, you're gonna need a good amount of cash. Keeping your blood alcohol content above .15 at all times is going to take some additional funding. So be sure you have an Internet connection and a telephone handy. Our affiliates' applications (just click around our site to find them) are simple and don't require you to fax or mail in a damn thing. Why? Because you shouldn't have to worry about these needless holdups during a fun week like this. We're here to get you money fast, remember?

Just give our partners 24 hours, and you'll have the cash you need deposited into your account. Up to $500.00 worth. All we need is proof of I.D. and employment - your job serves as collateral so we can waive credit checks! Both your credit history and current financial status is a non-issue to us. This means bad credit cash loans for all who apply! Is Spring Break great or what? So now that your money situation is taken care of, you can hit the beach with a clear head. So what are you waiting for? Get your handle of Jim Beam, aviator shades and video camera** and get the hell outta here.

** - Explore the many informative pages of the Payday Loans Gone Wild site to learn more about our service, and how to obtain never-before-seen footage our clients filmed with our agency's financing! (VHS tapes $14.99, DVDs $19.99 plus shipping)

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